Portsmouth is an isolated settlement near the southern tip of the Kingdom, accessible only by sea or rugged wilderness expedition.

     It is the most remote area in the kingdom with significant human population.  The local economy is sustained by fishing and farming, though the climate and soil are much less productive than in Terrezia Plain.  Portsmouth Township is a tightly knit community gathered close around the bay, with it's piers, docks and shops crowded together in a small town square.  Portsmouth County extends far to the north, east and west, and is bounded by the ocean, and two southern legs of the Daggora Mountain rage.  Most of the produce from Portsmouth is consumed locally, with the balance shipped north to Oyster Bay, along with a few other communities of Terrezia Plan.  Most of the fish caught are shipped north, with bountiful harvests far too large for local use, comprising the primary source of income in Portsmouth's economy.  There is a fledgling cattle ranch in the outskirts of Portsmouth County, which has suplied all the livestock consumed in Portsmouth for generations.


A home of one of the prominent families at Portsmouth


A serene road winds through the farms nearer to town.


Farmhouses around Portsmouth are generations old, handed down through family lines.