Read the excerpt below from Chapter 3 of Journey to Terreldor for a description of the palace Engdynlor, home to the Royal Family and center of Terreldor's capitol, Thraen Kholl. 

In the weeks to come I did feel stronger—and eventually busier as well. In a few days I was moved from the lonely sickroom inside Engdynlor, and joined David in a small unused barrack, still within the palace wall. I was just as eager to find a way home, but I soon decided being a guest of the King in the center of Thraen Kholl was as good a way as any to bide our time.

      While I wasn’t well enough to travel, I hoped to learn as much as possible of the layout of the kingdom from whatever maps I could lay my hands on. At the very least, we had warm beds and plenty to eat

      The first night after I was moved, we ate dinner with the Princess. During the meal, David asked if we could talk to her father about finding a way home. As she awkwardly began to answer, her steward, Lady Sally interrupted.

      “I know you aren’t accustomed to our practices, but asking the Princess to petition her father on your behalf is…well, it isn’t allowed. The King wouldn’t tolerate someone using his daughter to bypass proper protocol.” Princess Schelli looked regretful, but held her tongue.

      “There are proper channels you must follow,” Sally continued. “I will ask a page from the court to take your petition for an audience. But remember, the King is caught in very delicate interests right now. It’s likely he couldn’t see you right away, even if he longed to with all his heart.” She surely saw the doubt in my eyes. It seemed unlikely to me the King couldn’t do as he pleased. She added, “His responsibilities to his kingdom come first. If this weren’t so, our dear Schelli would be taking her meal with her parents tonight.”

      Sally’s words evoked another regretful reaction from Schelli. We resolved to patiently wait, but would eventually learn the proper channels took weeks and months rather than hours or days. For the rest of the evening, our conversation was light. Mostly, Schelli kept us busy with questions of our home. I enjoyed our time with her, but it was stained by the unspoken questions I wanted her to carry to her father.

      In the following days, we began to wonder what was expected of us while we were guests in the palace grounds. While we hardly expected to be entertained, it seemed odd nothing was asked of us at all. We spent our time exploring the grounds and meeting the interesting people who lived and worked within the palace walls.

      The palace itself—called Engdynlor by all—was the largest structure in the palace grounds—the official term for everything within the palace wall. The other buildings in the grounds circled Engdynlor. They were used for anything as lowly as the Royal Guard’s stables, or as stately as the Grand Banquet Hall, the building used for coronations and other lofty events. The palace grounds were surrounded by the rest of the city, which was encircled by a second wall, both taller and thicker than the wall around Engdynlor.

Full view of Engdynlor


Some of Thraen Kholl's gardens


The ruins of an ancient building in the palace grounds now used as a small park:


Other views of Engdynlor


Watergarden near Engdynlor


Curious statue prominently displayed in another garden in Thraen Kholl