Oyster Bay


    The largest city outside Terreldor's capitol, Oyster Bay is the kingdom's cultural and economic center.  Visitors from all corners of the Kingdom are drawn to its theatres, museums, historic cathedral, and its unusual shopping district, Beach Row.

    Beach Row houses the kingdom's finest restaurants, shops and galleries, precariously located on one of Terreldor's most dangerous shores.  Every winter, ferocious storms wipe out the buildings completely, leaving only their stone foundations to be rebuilt upon each spring.  The most expensive works and furnishings are brought further inland nightly, and stored in strong lockhouses through the summer and fall while this shopping strand is open.  A most unusual business model provides work for much of Oyster Bay's inhabitants, three seasons a year.     


The Oyster Bay Light guides weary fishmen home.



Chapel at Oyster Bay, across town from an historic cathedral


The cathedral at Oyster Bay dates back centuries


Field just south of Oyster Bay


East side of town, riding toward Engdynlor