The North Forest



    Harringtonwood and the North Forest are the northernmost regions of the kingdom.  They are known for mild summers and spectacular autumns, but also for their late springs and harsh winters.  Sparsely populated with only a handful of towns and villages, the North Forest is home to the Royal Family's summer retreat.  Legends tell of strange beasts in Harringtonwood, especially around the largest mountains.  Thraen Kholl, at the southern reaches of Harringtonwood, is home to the palace Endynlor , where the Royal Family resides.

Carraige House in Harringtonwood


Home in same estate


Pond in Harrington estate


Small falls south of Engdynlor


Lake Serene, north of Thraen Kholl


Wider view of Lake Serene


Flooded Cavern found in the mountains north of Engdynlor


Mirror Lake


One of Mirror Lake's summer inhabitants


Morning fog over another lake in Harringtonwood


Crystals abound in the moutains north of Thraen Kholl