Vuori Mountains 

    The Vuori Mountains separate the central desert region from the fertile Terrezia Plain.  They cast a rain shadow over the desert to the east, blocking moist air from the west coast and trapping it over Terrezia.  The eastern side of this mountain range is arid, in stark contrast to the lush western slopes, which see a climate closer to Terrezia's.

    The eastern slopes are not traveled and generally unpopulated.  The rest of the mountain range is dotted with rivers, streams, and lakes, some of which drain to power mills in the farming villages of the Terrezia Plain.



One of many falls worth seeing in the Inland Mountains

Ancient cabin on east slope of the Vuori Range (desert side)


Cave formation in arid southern Vuoris, eastern side


Giant boulders & other rock formations in foothills on western slopes of Vuori Mountains


One of the more visited falls in the Vuori Range


Spring Flowers, Western Vuori Mountains


Aspen cover much of the interior of the Vuori Range


An old hermit's cabin hides behind a dense stand of aspen


One of many mountain lakes in the region

Rusty River flows from the Vuori Mountains into the desert, where is disapears under the sand without a trace.


Random glimpses into Autumn in the Vuori Mountains


First snowfall dusts the upper reaches

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