Tume Belor

A welcome refuge to those crossing Enthicia

    The oasis at Tume Belor is as unlikely a natural monument as you may find in Terreldor.  Once part of a dense forrest extending from the Daggora Mountains, this haven for thristly travelors is an island of life surrounded by an unwelcoming desert.  A tall ourcroping of rock is topped with an artisian well, fed by snowmelt runoff from the slopes of Golden Mountain and Eastward, before it finds its way to an aquifer deep beneath the arid sand of the desert.  The natural spring sends a tiny waterfall cascading down the stony outcrop, into a pool shaded by a dense canopy of palms and other various trees.

    What awaits you in this strange oasis, in your Adventures in Terreldor?  Who will be sustained by its lifegiving water, and what tragic deeds will take place here?