The Great Dunes  & Enthicia

    The long, narrow Enthicia desert lies an the center of the island kingdom Terreldor.  In its center, lies a range of remarkable sand dunes, called the Great Dunes.  Any of these grand dunes would be counted as a mountain in its own right.  A constant whirling pattern of wind rushing down from the impassable Daggora mountains to the east, refracted from the Vuori Range to the west, drops sediment picked up from eroding slopes, forever adding to these unusual dunes.

  There is one known safe path through the dunes, most commonly called the desert road, which is used for trade across the desert and between its scant cities.  The area is known for its deadly snakes and scorpions; both of which share the color of the sand.  

  What mysteries do the dunes hold?  What will be unearthed in the wastelands of Enthicia?


An intimidating Great Dune.  Black dots near the top (center) are men, the uppermost riding a horse over the ridge


View from within the Great Dunes, with the Daggora Mountain range in the background


Opposite direction, Dunes with the distant Vuori Range to the west


View from the borderlands, between the Enthicia and Vuori Mountains


A few of the desert towns build extensably with adobe, as in this home in the desert town of Wet--which is anything but.


One of the few plants capable of surviving Enthicia's climate.  Its thorns carry a festering poison.


Mesas in southwestern desert



The desert's trade hub, TerkEtmek, is also home to Duke Cornelius Ward and his family.