Terrezia Plain



     Rich topsoil and favorable weather from the shallow waters of the west coast create a productive belt of farmland stretching from north to south, nearly the length of the kingdom.  Nestled between the Vuori Mountains and the sea, this region supplies the majority of Terreldor's farming.  The Plains Road connects the farming villages, comprising the busiest and most significant route in the kingdom.





Scenes from the Plains Road, Terrezia's main commerce route

View on road from Carrottop to Kniefel



Plains Road, near Basset


Stream south of Thraen Kholl, along road to Kniefel


Rotatable windmill in Carrottop



Old mill near Magpie


Millhouse in Millerston


Ironworks near Rest, downstream of Millerston


Another Mill, northern end of Terrezia




Covered bridge on road to Innsbrook