Daggora Mountains



    The Daggora Mountains comprise the tallest and longest mountain range in Terreldor, and divide the kingdom nearly in half from north to south.  To the west lies the Enthicia desert, Terrezia Plain, North Forest, Vuori Mountains, Portsmouth Settlement, and generally, all the populated areas of the kingdom.  East of the Daggora Mountains lie the Otlak Plain and Athangust Peninsula.  This mountain chain is impassable, with one exception: the an ever-frozen pass at Golden Mountain, and its long trail down to the Otlak Plain below.

    With the only accessible pass, Golden Mountain is the focus of activities in the Daggoras.  Its top third wears a permanent cover of ice and snow, and is home to several ancient glaciers.  Legends are told of strange inhabitants near its peak, who need no drink or warmth. 

    Below its snowline, Golden Mountain has a long and tragic history, focused on its once-expansive gold mine, now reduced to a deep pit with a dangerous floor of shifting stone.  It was a bustling mine for centuries, and is responsible for most of the gold currency in the kingdom.  It was the rise and ruin of generations of merchant families, and driving force in shifting balances of power and alliances through an important era of Terreldorian history.  Read more of its history here .



Other Mountains in the Daggora Range


The road down Golden Mountain, travelling westward to Enthicia



A portion of abandoned mineworks on Golden Mountain; Spill Hills leading down to mine pit



Curious shelter erected atop one of the southernmost moutains in the Daggora Range



Various types of stone displayed along many sections of the long range



Golden Mountain's glaciers