Welcome to the World of Terreldor

      Adventures in Terreldor is a series of novels which tell the adventures of two brothers who find themselves inexplicably lost in a world filled with impossibility and adventure. Faced with tragedy and trial, they are forced to draw upon strengths and develop skills they never expected themselves capable of. They are taken in by mentors who claim to hold the secrets of true wisdom and maturity. In their endeavors, they learn the most difficult lessons in life are often found on the path home.

        Begin the adventure in Journey to Terreldor, then follow these brothers as they are cast into peril in Terreldor at War.  Discover the culmination of their odyssey in The Long Path Home. 

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             Title                   Amazon Rating                       eBook                               Trade Paperback
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 Journey to Terreldor           ★★★★½                                                   

Terreldor at War                 ★★★★½                                                     

The Long Path Home           ★★★★½                                                      


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    Recurring themes in the series include:
        Responsibility and Accountability
        Servant Leadership and Service
        Teaching and Giving
        Strength of Love
        Honor in Action
        Freedom of Forgiveness
        Power of Compassion

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“An original idea and thought-provoking story...” -J. D. Howard

“A gripping read.” -Sandra Hicks

“Amazing insight.” -Parul, Amazon user

“Interesting story with unexpected turns...beautifully written.” -Nook user

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